Can you make nature part of your life - every day for a month?

Shutting your eyes to listen to bird song. Taking a wild walk at lunchtime. Lying back in the long grass. Searching out urban wildlife. Talking to someone your street about nature. Eating something wild... 

30 Days Wild is a month-long nature challenge taking place this June.

Wildlife Trusts are asking people to sign up and do something wild every day for a month – and make nature part of their everyday life.

You can sign up here! 

 All you have to do is spend time in nature every day for one month

This could be:

  • Just a few minutes sowing wildflower seeds in a pot, photographing plants growing on a city centre wall or shutting your eyes to listen to bird song
  • As long as half an hour climbing a tree, mixing yourself a nature-smoothie or out spotting butterflies
  • Even longer if you have time to search a beach at low-tide, explore a local wild place you've never been to before or attract moths to your garden by building your own moth trap!

They have 101 ideas to inspire you and encourage you to find time for nature in your life.

The Wildlife Trusts are part of The Wild Network and they want to help people connect with the natural world around them. Research has shown that spending time in wild places can help you feel happier and healthier, and the more people who make nature part of their life, the more people there'll be to help protect and restore it.


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