We're clinging on to the end of a fab summer here in the UK. 

And we're making the most of it! There are Wild Time Events & Ideas on our website to inspire you.

Our Scottish & US friends are already heading Back To School & we hope the Natural Connections Demonstration Project, with Defra, Natural England and Historic England inspires more outdoor learning. In summary, it proves that kids behave better, feel better and learn better outside.

If you've been following our summer activities - or you're lucky enough to still be enjoying them, our Wild Explorers App has lots of ideas (100+) to do, with a nature play tracker. It's safe & easy enough to install on the kids' devices, too. Really.

And while we're talking inspiration - check out our new animation to persuade more people like you to join this amazing Network & get outside!



The Danger of Back to School

Renowned US Professor Peter Gray wrote about mental health in the holidays vs term time in The Danger of Back to School.

Despite being based in the US, (and from 2014) the research makes fascinating reading. It also reminds us of the need for every day Wild Time & outdoor learning - essential for today's kids to thrive.

Article via Tim Gill's Rethinking Childhood Facebook page, with thanks. Read our Top 10 easiest ever Wild Time Ideas, for top tips on getting everyday Wild Time.  


The Wild Network Animation

We know you're one of those amazing people that lives & breathes Wild Time, but there's a tonne of people out there who don't. So we made this cute animation in the hope that we can reach them. 

As part of our Network, we'd be super-grateful if you could share this with those you know & love. Head over to our Facebook page and share, or give it a Tweet on Twitter

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International Geocaching Day! The biggest treasure hunt ever?

This Saturday is International Geocaching Day (20th August) and we're going outside to grab treasure! 

It was here long before PokemonGO & it's still our favourite nature challenge. We absolutely love geocaching; it's fun, easy (well, sort of) & the kids love it.

If you haven't given it a try yet - check out our easy Geocaching How-To in CountryFile Magazine Share your cache finds with us over on Facebook.


mj_monkey.pngHoliday Wild Time. In summary: it's hard! 

It's been a wild summer.

We've had the 30 Days Wild; we're doing 50 Things; we've camped the Big Wild Sleep Out & had a Tree Picnic. So much wildness. So easy. We're keeping that going, then? Not so much...

We share our candid experience of getting outdoor family play into the holidays & some Top Tips for wild survival.   

Article, blogs or video to share?

Don't forget - we are always looking for guest blogs and vlogs. We have four categories: Fear, Space, Time and Tech concerns. Read our blogging guidelines and email our blogging crew for more info.  

Roam Free. Play Wild. We'll see you out there... 

The Wild Network Team

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