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We believe that lack of outdoor play, learning and nature connection in childhood is a deeply held systemic problem. Over many years multiple barriers have been imposed on childhood; they are complex and inter-linked but their impact is profound. As a wild network our role is to create the conditions to draw attention to these barriers and the impact they have. Together we can then create solutions that break them down to re-wild the child.

Vanishing Green Space
Tags: Nature, Parents, WildTime, Learning
Time Poor Parents
Tags: free-time, schedules, time poor, Nature, Parents
Stranger Danger
Tags: fear, strangers, streets, danger
Risk Averse Culture
Tags: stranger, safety, risk, fear
Rise of Screen Time
Tags: gaming, computers, phones, screens
Play Inc.
Tags: influence, materialistic, corporate influence, commercial gain, Play
Nature-starved Curriculum
Tags: Learning, outdoor play, regulations, tests, schedules, schools
Lack of free range play
Tags: Freedom, Outdoor learning, Play, WildTime
Tags: childhood, Play, corporate, commercial, advertising
Danger Streets
Tags: fear, strangers, streets, danger
Tags: green cross code, awareness, safety, speed, roads, cars