Phase Two of our new project happens on 14 March.

Last month we kicked off our Wild Lab Birmingham collaboration with Swarm and Birmingham City Council. The challenge we were set is: can we help re-imagine the city with the wellbeing of its citizens at its heart; where families, schools, and communities have access to the tools and support to be active, community-minded, and connected to the city and all of its wild places?

At its heart the brief is a call to explore our mission of rewilding childhood in the biggest possible way - with rewilding being about creating the conditions for emergence, resilience and connection to nature and one another to happen.

A huge thank you!

Genuine thanks go to nearly 150 of you who took the time to give us your thoughts on wild spaces in Birmingham.

The first stage of the project was to immerse ourselves in all of your feedback and comments. We learned loads about the challenges the city faces. We learned about everything from lack of funding, too much traffic, lack of available time and we heard a lot about the little, but vital things like too much litter and dog mess that act as a visceral barrier to Wild Time for too many. It was a good reminder of the complex and systemic barriers in place that stop everyday connection from happening.

We spent two days in early February with Swarm and Birmingham City Council, meeting as many people as we could to talk about the amazing work that they are doing to get their community outside and to understand the lay of the land better. You can read more about that over on Swarm's website.
The image below is a wordle of everything we learned about the barriers from well over 100 of you.

So What Next?

Next up we’re starting phase two of the project and we’ll be back on the ground in Birmingham on the 14th and 15th March.

To take the project forward, we’re going to start moving from listening to doing. Over the two days we’ll lead with a collaborative workshop where we intend to test our hypotheses about where this project could go and create a valuable learning experience for the participants, forging new connections between them. Through it we will start to understand the design principles we want to use as we start to build and co-create solutions. We’ll also start to find ways to bring to life and share the project with a wider audience so we can get more collaborators and funders on-board for phase 3 which is when we start to make things happen.


Over the next few days we’ll be inviting a mix of 20 people from across Birmingham, who can bring to life the fullest version of Wild Birmingham, with as wide a diversity of interests and views as we can possibly find.

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Read more of the background behind the project and why we're so excited.

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