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We exist as a network to help children everywhere roam free and play wild.  We like our guest blogs to support this ethos.  Blogs are therefore welcome on topics relating to children and their access to – and enjoyment of – Wild Time. There four main barriers to Wild Time. You can also read the full list of 11 barriers here.

We don't want to sound like we know the answers, but we do love the idea of exploring things, so we encourage debate, alternative views and those conversations out there on the edge.

There are no fixed rules or word count here at The Wild Network; we prefer our writers to roam as free as the kids! But we do know that some guidance can help. Drop us a line if there's anything you'd like us to clarify or add.

We have identified four main barriers to Wild Time: 

  • Reduced space (and spaces) to play in
  • Time restrictions on kids (and a lack of time for their parents)
  • Fear (parental, kids', including those perceived and real)
  • Tech (a vast topic, again relating to kids please!)

Blog word count:

  • Blogs are usually around 300 – 500 words, but we won't hack chunks out if they are longer (or add in secret paragraphs if shorter)

Photos and images:

  • If you would like to, feel free to send one large main/header image in landscape (950 x 500 pixels to be precise, but we can edit)
  • Smaller images can also be included for body copy
  • Remember to include any credits/copyright that you'd like referencing

About you:

  • Remember to add a short biography (c. 50 words)
  • Add any links to your website or blog, Twitter etc. 
  • Headshots are not essential but very welcome

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