twn_logo.pngBoard Member Recruitment

1. Introduction to our organisation

The Wild Network was launched off the back of the Natural Childhood Report during 2012 and since then we have developed into an organisation made up of network partners from multiple sectors supported by a thriving and growing grassroots community of people. We each have different perspectives, focuses and ways of doing things but we all share one vision - that children need to spend more time outdoors in nature if they are to thrive and if they are to grow into adults prepared to care for and protect nature.

Together we have come together to develop and launch a range of projects and initiatives that grow the market for Wild Time - time spent outdoors:

  • We have taken the film Project Wild Thing to an audience in excess of 1 million people across the world;
  • We have prototyped hi-tech, hi-nature solutions such as the Wild Time app;
  • In 2016 we have partnered with Persil to develop the Wild Time app into Wild Explorers and grow its market to over 120,000 people;
  • We have developed a range of collaborative events to bring our network together such as the Wild Summer innovation event and helping Camp Bestival go wild in 2015; and
  • We have built a community platform that connects people who want more Wild Time (mums, dads, teachers) with people that deliver it (organisations of all shapes and sizes).

TWN has been a stand-alone organisation for 2-years with a full time Director (Mark Sears) supported by community management resource and a board (chaired by Nick Stace). We have made good progress and are now a stable and established organisation despite funding being a constant challenge. With exciting projects already lined up for 2017 we are now ready for the next phase of our growth. We now need three new board members to help take the organisation to the next level with greater impact that is more clearly measured and which delivers better value to our community.

2. Why we exist

 TWN exists because:

  • There has been a significant decline in the amount of time children spend outdoors, which is directly linked to a number of profound impacts on their health and wellbeing;
  • Despite the tireless work of brilliant individuals and organisations, many of the existing solutions have been unsuccessful at reversing or addressing the complex barriers in place for many families, schools and communities. These barriers are preventing kids from getting outdoors; and
  • Evidence shows that innovative collaborations and creative approaches are able to directly and effectively address these barriers and grow Wild Time.

3. How we work

At TWN we recognise the need to do more to address the barriers to Wild Time. We also know that we need to to work collaboratively with organisations from multiple sectors if we are to scale solutions into the mainstream. However and crucially we are not trying to build another big delivery organisation or well-known brand that itself addresses the issues. Moreover we are a nimble, connecting, collective impact organisation that brings together organisations and people in collaboration. Our success is judged through the impact that our products and propositions make not the scale our of our organisation.

We want to normalise the idea of Wild Time and show how it is vital to support children to thrive in the 21st century. We also need to show that free time outdoors is critical if we want to inspire a new generation of children to love and protect nature now and in the future.

Our mission is to rewild childhood. We do it in the following ways:

  • Bringing our unique network together to collaborate on projects that help grow Wild Time in families, communities and schools;
  • Growing our network of partners and local groups that seek solutions, best practice and innovation; and
  • Supporting our partners to get the most out of their Wild Time activities, based on our in-depth analysis, community insight and ability to bring new thinking to the sector.

Our USPs are the following:

  • Our network and our ability to bring it together in collaboration;
  • Being at the cutting edge of innovation, insights and best practice; and
  • The brand that we have created allied with our track-record for developing new ideas and solutions with our community.

4. Our Values

  • Wild. At the heart of everything we do is an embodiment of the issue we are tackling. In practice this means the way we bring innovation and creativity into our work as well as the places and ways that we work - ensuring Wild Time is integral to our daily lives. 
  • Collaborative. Our strength is in our network and bringing it together in new and creative ways. We will only begin to address this issue when we break out of our silo’s, start to think across sectors and bring new energy into the movement.
  • Resourceful. We’re not about building a big organisation using big budgets to tackle this problem. We believe in clever ways of doing things, experimental models and pooling money from multiple places to create the change we need.

Recruiting Additional Board Members

To help us drive through the next stage of our development, we're looking to recruit three new Board members, with the following skills:

Community Management 

Building our community is critical for us in 2017 and beyond. We have invested in a powerful enabling platform (Nationbuilder) and have built an engaged network of people and organisations. Our aim is to be the ultimate connector between the supply of Wild Time and the demand for it. What we haven’t cracked fully is how we use the platforms available to us and how we connect people in their local communities with grassroots providers as well as with national initiatives.

To help us we are looking for a seasoned community builder, savvy to all of the best techniques used to build and engage a network of ambassadors for a movement. You’ll understand the tools of new media and the channels of engagement that can be deployed from Facebook to Instagram and beyond. You will understand how to use creative content approaches to emotionally connect people to the issue and to provoke them to action. Critically you will be able to support the Director to find ways of realising value from the community. This value might be financial, ways that we might monetise their engagement but it will equally be about how we develop the bespoke and unique connections between our network that drive distinct value to our partners.

The successful person will have senior experience in organisations focussed on making a positive difference in the world and in particular one with a challenger brand or purpose led organisational approach.

Young People

Typically our approach is to develop interventions that change behaviour at a family, community or educator level. Ultimately though we are about providing the tools that get kids outside more and therefore children of all ages are our end user. To that end our decisions need to be child-centric and the propositions we design should be appealing to this generation of young people.

We are looking for someone to represent the needs of young people in our decision making, keeping us true to the end user in everything we do. Ideally you will be under the age of 25, you might be someone who works with children and young people everyday supporting them to get more wild time in their lives. You might also be be involved in other work that directly works with young people with a clear understanding of their needs and the way they connect with and engage with issues.

Ultimately though we want someone with a deep passion for this issue, who sees the benefits that Wild Time offers young people and who wants to help drive deeper connections for all kids everywhere.

Funder Development

Finding the right sustainable funding model to scale our impact remains a challenge for us and we are looking for someone with the connections and network to help us to do just that. As a new and pioneering model finding the right funder fit is critical and so you will be able to connect us with a range of interesting potential funders.

You’ll be a super-connector with relationships in multiple places willing to open doors with people who are up for funding new and innovative models. Where possible you will work with the core team to refine propositions that are suited to the specific needs of the funder.

Terms of Engagement:

  • Board meetings are held every two months and typically last for two to three hours. Usually they are held in London though occasionally we will may seek other locations.
  • Board positions are typically on a two year appointment upon which a review will be conducted by the chair of the board.
  • Board members are required to support the core team with on average one day per month.
  • Board positions are not paid but we’ll do our best to develop a stimulating and engaging organisation for you to work with. It is a really exciting time for TWN and for the movement as a whole - a great moment to get on board.


Applications of interest in the first instance should be directed through to Mark Sears at The Wild Network.