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What we're giving this Christmas

For us, the best thing about this time of year is time together, outside as a family. There are loads of things to do - and also great wild gifts to help. Check out the best places to go and things to do on our website now. There are fab ideas for winter Wild Time too. 

2015 has been a wild year - thanks for joining us on this amazing adventure. We've got some very exciting things planned for 2016 - be sure to join us on Facebook & Twitter to stay up to date. We wish you a Wild Christmas time!

The best present for families

You can buy them more stuff. But our favourite present this year is The Gift of Wild Time. 

Give them the Gift of Wild Time with a Wild Time voucher! You promise to spend quality time outdoors with them these coming holidays...

Wild Time Voucher

The best things in life are free, but they've found a way of selling them to you

"There’s nothing they need, nothing they don’t own already, nothing they even want." wrote George Monbiot in his powerful column this month. He talks about the junk we buy, just to give people SOMETHING at Christmas. We agree.

George MonbiotFollow George on Twitter and check out the hashtag #extremecivilisation - tweets about the stuff we just don't need! 

What's the solution? Time with friends, family and fresh air. You know we're pretty passionate about it!

Top 10 gifts for Wild Things - our pick

Screen_Shot_2015-12-19_at_17.39.02.pngWild things love being outside - and there are some great books and kit to help. Start new wild traditions this Christmas with our Top 10 gifts to help them get outside!

We also have a fantastic guest blog from Sienna Miller, 14, on creating traditions. Read her thoughts about getting outside here!

Stuck for Wild Time ideas? Check out our Wild Time Ideas page.

We need more Wilderness in Education

Screen_Shot_2015-12-19_at_18.30.21.pngAdventurer and TV presenter Ben Fogle wrote a passionate plea in the Guardian this week about his desire for more wilderness inclusion in schools

Head over to our Facebook page, where conversation is flowing and share your thoughts with the community. You can also read his column here in the Guardian.

Wild Time for Schools is something that we feel passionate about, so we launched a trial programme earlier this year. Ask your school to sign up and put more wild time into your kids' education now!

Top Tips for Winter Wild Time - Kate Blincoe

Kate_Blincoe_book_thumbnail.jpgGreen Parenting author Kate Blincoe's fantastic blog on getting outside in winter is live on our site now. She shares a fab Rosehip Syrup recipe, as well as other fun ways to get the kids wild and warm this winter. 

Don't forget - we are always looking for guest blogs and vlogs. We have four categories: Fear, Space, Time and Tech concerns. Read our blogging guidelines and email our blogging crew for more info. 

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Roam Free. Play Wild. We'll see you out there...

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