Overcoming barriers to nature 

Can you help us understand the barriers to kids getting outdoors?

We are excited to have started working on a specific piece of work for DEFRA. The Childhood Gateway Project will be exploring the barriers to children spending time in nature, and what can be done to address them in practice.

The project is particularly focused on the 1 in 9 children who, according to the recent Monitor of Engagement in the Natural Environment (MENE) survey, do not visit green/blue spaces at all.

We need your help & success stories (or lack of...)

We're keen to hear from you so that we can better inform the project with your experiences - particularly if you live and work with the target groups of children. Opinions are welcome, but they are most useful to us if you can back them up with evidence so please share your case studies, stories and examples. And of course, if you have evaluation or research you think we should be looking at, let us know.

We've created the following short survey to harvest your collective wisdom. 

Childhood Gateway Project Survey - What are the barriers to those 1 in 9 kids getting outside?

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