Well, summer’s finally arrived and here at Beach Schools South West we are looking forward to a packed season of getting children out of the classroom and onto the beach. That’s right: we teach on the beach!

Our work ties in with OFSTED outdoor learning best practice and is all curriculum-linked so children are learning to learn while having fun in our astonishing marine environment: the finest free classroom on the planet.

Beach Schools South West are a Community Interest Company so everything we do is not for profit and designed to fulfil our mission statement of giving every child in the west country access to learning on the shoreline. We believe there is no better place for children to learn than outside - and hands on.

We know how hard it is for teachers to access outdoor learning so we try to make it as easy as possible by removing those barriers: we do the risk assessment, we cover the insurance, we do the lesson plans and all they have to do is pick their beach, turn up and we’ll meet them there.

In our first six months we put 500 children through outdoor learning. This year we will more than double that. We want to break down barriers and smash statistics such as the one from Natural England’s January 2015 report which said 81% of children in the west country had NOT been to the beach.

We believe that getting children to the shoreline will positively and irreversibly change their lives for the better and also hope to help create the marine custodians of the future.

We teach on the beach - let’s get out there wild things!

You can read more about Beach Schools South West online at http://www.beachschoolssouthwest.co.uk/

~ Guest blog, by Alexis Bowater

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