Give your child the time and space to start creating, and there’s no limit to where they’ll go.

In response to our children’s increasingly busy lives, the Freedom to Think campaign seeks to promote creative time for young people; for independent thinking, imagining, creating and playing.

The campaign calls upon parents and carers to schedule at least one unstructured period each week for their children to have self-directed play time, get creative and have the freedom to think!

The Freedom to Think campaign was conceived by bestselling author, Jonathan Stroud, after he starting wondering where his own children’s free time had gone, and worrying about the unrelenting busyness of modern children’s lives in general. He found himself wishing that his children would experience boredom, to give their imaginations the chance to run wild. Rather than filling their free time with organised and structured activities, he wanted to see their time spent more autonomously; dreaming up strange monsters or drawing maps of other worlds. In response to these thoughts, the Freedom to Think campaign hopes to shine a light on the importance of such imaginative play, independent thought and creativity.

Jonathon Stroud launched Freedom to Think in the hope that it would encourage parents to carve out some free time for their children – to engage their minds and to play for play’s sake. Because—ultimately—without this essential downtime, where are our next generation of writers, artists, inventors and engineers going to come from?

So—if you empathise with Jonathon Stroud—take a look at the website to find out more, watch the supporting animation, and follow Freedom to Think on twitter.

There are many ways you can get involved, too:

  1. Spread the word via your social networks;
  2. Join the campaign by giving your children unscheduled time to get creative;
  3. Download inspiration packs here (they’re updated monthly!);
  4. And don’t forget to share your thoughts, feedback or photos on the site, here.

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