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If you were inspired by the Project Wild Thing film, get involved here and get outside. Share your ideas for Wild Time activities here. You can also download the Wild Time app and take part in Wild Time for schools activities.

WildTime Ideas
Wild Time can be taken on any doorstep, anywhere from the middle of the city to the remotest rural countryside. There’s all kinds of Wild Times to be had, from a few minutes to hours and days. You can search the Wild Times here for ideas or share your own ideas to help others. Get outside and stay wild.
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Join us. Be inspired by our Wild Time ideas, fun events and latest blogs and campaigns. You can also post your own Wild Time ideas and list and share events on the site. Don’t forget to take the Wild Time Pledge to swap some screen time for everyday #wildtime
Spend some Wild Time getting involved with events associated with The Wild Network. To find out why you should join in, watch the Project Wild Thing film.
Screenings near you
Can't find a screening near you? You can arrange your own. Find out how here - it's easy. Wildness and Mindfulness in Gloucester Saturday, 23 July 2016 - 13:30 to 17:00 - Gloucester Guildhall. Join for the launch of "Natural Mindfulness for Kids" where you can watch the screening of "The Project Wild Thing" Movie and hear first about the launch of...
Wild Learning
What is Wild Time Learning? Wild Time Learning is an easy-to-use, web-based tool, to help teachers take learning outside. You can use it any time you like, as many days as you like, whenever you like. The site gives you learning activities tagged against curriculum learning topics and key learning stages - all set out by time.  So, whether you want...
News and stories from around The Wild Network. Ideas and inspiration to re-wild childhood and help kids get outside for Wild time.
Wild Local
As our network is continuously growing, we want to increase our support of the grass-roots, local efforts to get kids more wild time. We’re launching The Wild Network: Local. Here at The Wild Network we have seen what happens when organisations from different sectors come together. We are a glorious collaboration of really big and beautifully small organisations spanning the...
Persil Wild Explorers App
We 💚 the new Persil Wild Explorers App! We think you will love it to!  We know that Wild Time or time playing outdoors is essential, as it helps children develop important skills. But we also know that finding the time and inspiration for outdoor play isn’t always easy. That’s why we have created the free Persil Wild Explorers app, to...