Hello wild things!

A question we often get asked at The Wild Network is 'how can I get involved?' It’s so encouraging and exciting to see how many people are concerned about the issues raised in ‘Project Wild Thing’ and how many want to Take Action.

Our core opportunity as a movement lies in our ability to come together as a network, to connect, debate and to tackle the barriers together. Our plan for this year is to invest in developing more tools to help you give or get Wild Time in your community, family or school. In the next few weeks we'll have some exciting news about a new website with improved tools, inspiration and ways to collaborate so we can better deliver our mission to reconnect young people to nature.

In the meantime there are still lots of ways for you to get stuck in...

So how can you get involved?

Sign up and pledge

So far, wild things have pledged to swap 8.321 hours of screentime for Wild Time! Have you done your bit? How are you getting on? How about your friends and neighbours? Are you talking about it and sharing the Wild Time love? We'd love it if you shared your experiences with us, either through social media or by sharing your personal stories by writing a post on the blog. And don't think we're always after the perfect wild stories, we're interested in all your experiences, your trials and errors, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Download the Wildtime app

Don't forget the Wild Time app. We're all about finding the right balance between screen time and Wild Time, using screens to inspire us to get more wildness. Our app is full of loads of ideas and inspiration for how you can bring some wildness into your life whether you have 30 mins or a whole day free. You can also share your wild inspiration by adding your Wild Time ideas for the rest of us to try. Keep those new ideas coming.

Set up a screening of Project Wild Thing

...and invite your community to come along!

We believe the film has the potency to inspire and incite excitement to get young people and their parents enjoy the outdoors again. For this reason we'd love more wild things to host a screening and share the film in your local school or community. Watch it together, start the dialogue, hold a debate, and after, run outside and play wild…

There is a license fee for public screening of the film. The fee goes directly to fund The Wild Network and its mission, you can also ask for donations at the door and raise money for your organisation which we hope will get more kids and their parents running wild.

To request a screening or if you like more information, have a look here.


To continue our ongoing mission to get kids reconnect to nature, any support you can give helps. We are a not-for-profit organisation funded mainly from film sales and grants from a few key partners. If you’d like to support us financially, you can donate here and we'll be super grateful.

Call for case studies

We're trying to assess the film's impact and how the changes might be tangible in your community. We're looking for people that have hosted a film screening who might want to be a case study for us.


If you've got any insight or feedback to share we'd love to have a chat about it.

Please drop us an email at media@thewildnetwork.com if you're interested to help!