Returning Tributes who have experienced the Arena in our Hunger Games or Catching Fire camps are invited to form a Rebellion Army composed of teenagers from all districts. They must work together and make a plan to storm the Capitol, find and raid President Snow's weapons, ammo and food stores, defeat the Peacekeepers and ultimately overthrow the Capitol and get President Snow. All whilst avoiding capture by the Peacekeepers (who are the staff).

Rebels or Peacekeepers who are shot will go to the other side's prison and have to be freed by daring raids of courage and skill. Bit by bit the Rebellion will use their skills they learnt in the Arena in the Hunger Games, as well as new advanced camouflage, to attempt to invade deeper into the Capitol. But it won't be easy. Our Peacekeepers are highly trained in tracking, stalking and ambushing as well as booby traps, more advanced Nerf gun weaponry and much more. They will do everything they can to protect President Snow.

A completely unique and exciting camp unlike anything you've ever done before.

This is only open to those Tributes from previous Hunger Games or Catching Fire camps (or who are coming with a friend or sibling who has been on one)

Cost: £260 per head inclusive of food & most equipment (NB Tents not included but can be hired)

See our website for more info

August 26, 2015 at 12pm - August 29, 2015
Near Bristol

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