Training Camp: Tributes will arrive to our 'Capitol', and spend the first two days camping together at the 'Training Camp' learning all the skills Katniss and Peeta used in the Arena. These include fire making, sneaking and stalking, shelter / den building, camouflage, edible plants, and nature awareness skills such as bird language (which Rue and Katniss knew) which Tributes will use to ambush eachother. They will also be winning sponsors hoping to get a parachute in the Arena.

Arena: On the morning of the third day, pairs of Tributes camo themselves up, enter the Arena and the Games begin. Grabbing a nerf gun and backpack from the 'Cornucopia' filled with all the essential survival stuff, such as some basic food, water bottle, something to help start a fire, and armed with their new trusty weapon of a nerf gun (with poster paint), they take off into the wildwood Arena. Seeking other Tributes to 'kill' off with their nerf guns by stalking, camouflaging, sneaking up on and ambushing them; they must also find food, water and make fires to become the Victor.

Ideally all new Tributes come on the WildWise Hunger Games camp, before the other camps, to learn all the skills and to have the whole exciting experience of being a Tribute in the Arena. However get in touch if the dates don't work for you.

Inspired by the format of the Hunger Games in the first book and film, this camp is still our best and we have run five Hunger Games over the last two years.

Cost: £260 per head inclusive of food & most equipment (NB Tents not included but can be hired)

See our website for more info

August 14, 2015 at 12pm - August 18, 2015
Near Bristol

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