Need more nature inspiration? Yes, you do...

If, like us, you are partial to the odd (hundred) inspirational nature videos, or you enjoy mulling over a thought-provoking, or rant-inducing conservation tweet, you may think you don't need any more nature inspiration. But you do.

This week The Wild Network - plus some of our esteemed Board members - decamped not to the wilderness, but to west London for the Spirit of John Muir inaugural talk hosted by The John Muir Trust at the Royal Geographical Society. Chris Packham's talk, 'How much is the wild?' was intelligent, entertaining and informative - as you would expect from a seasoned conservationist. It really was excellent. We listened, we posted several (not so thought-provoking) tweets and made some great connections (don't you love it when that happens?).

And then something else happened... The John Muir Trust played this wonderful short film called Essential Wildness. We've seen a few nature films in our time, we've even made our own with Project Wild Thing, but this film really touched us. We don't know why. We can't quite put a finger on it, but we loved it. 

The goose-pimples were up, the emotions were stirred and we left the auditorium full of spirits (John Muir's perhaps?) moved to join The John Muir Trust (yes, we admit we weren't all members, much to the exasperation of our Chief Wild Officer, who has been a member for years). We then embarked on bothering our nearest and dearest. Not content with making them all watch it, we had to spread the word further.

So here we are, asking you to sit still for four short minutes and watch this.

John Muir Trust film

Moved to action?

Join The John Muir Trust - become a member. And please: join The Wild Network and pledge to get more #wildtime for you and the kids you know. Finally, add a comment below and tell us what you think (you need to be logged in). We hope you loved it, too.

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