happy children laughing in tree

The Wild Network exists to champion and support connections with nature and wildness in children and young people.

Our mission is to support children, parents and guardians to roam free, play wild and connect with nature.

We believe all children should have the right to access the outdoors for play, learning, expression and - ultimately - the development of a healthy mind and body.

We encourage, provoke, nudge, support, innovate and campaign for children, kids and young folk to get up and get outside:

  • To wander freely
  • To look up and around
  • To find wonder, awe and empathy in all life
  • To nurture, steward and protect
  • To run, jump, climb, crawl and explore the world on our doorsteps
  • To seek imagination in wildness
  • To find inventiveness in the woods
  • To grow happy healthy minds and bodies
  • To find comfort in solitude
  • To become truly connected

Roam Free. Play Wild.


[image credit: huffingtonpost.com]