We đź’š the new Persil Wild Explorers App!

We think you will love it to! 

We know that Wild Time or time playing outdoors is essential, as it helps children develop important skills. But we also know that finding the time and inspiration for outdoor play isn’t always easy. That’s why we have created the free Persil Wild Explorers app, to help get the whole family outside!

We worked with Persil on the Wild Explorers App to bring you over 100 outdoor activities to get kids enjoying the great outdoors. Persil Wild Explorers is the perfect companion to outdoor play. Free the kids and download the new app now.

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Want more ideas to get outside?

As well as our brilliant Persil Wild Explorers App, we've loads of WILDTIME IDEAS to try & EVENTS to visit right here on our website. Check them out now!

 Nature Bracelet | The Wild Network

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