7ft tall and 10ft wide mud volcano & the Wild Explorers at play.

If you follow The Wild Network, you’ll know that we’ve partnered with Persil this summer to get the Wild Time message out to as many children and parents as possible. We have an amazing bunch of followers and network members, but you’re already super-wild! We want to reach those parents (and kids) who don’t know where to start and, for whom, the opportunities might just not seem achievable.

So we’ve finally launched the Persil Wild Explorers App – and it’s going down really well. It’s simple, fun, easy, with time-based ideas to play outside. Nothing too fancy, nothing expensive and has something for even the most urban places.

Last week we took the kids to the launch event in London. They weren’t particularly enamoured by having to get up at 6.30am on a Saturday, but they were quietly excited about the promise of a big mud volcano. Making your own mud volcano is just one of the activities in the new Wild Explorers App – and it was chosen for the PR launch as a great example of why Dirt Is Good. 

The kids were intrigued. How big would it be? Where would it be? And they wanted to know if it was made with baking soda and vinegar. “Oh the whole place will smell so bad if it is,” chirped one of them. While the volcano was impressive it was also, thankfully, made from food grade materials and fully edible (not just for maximum safety purposes, but for maximum viscosity purposes, too! Volcanoes are tricky to get right!). This did mean that the kids could smother themselves in it without the 'unwild' parents freaking out. And they did. 


It was great to see our seasoned wild professionals (the kids) interacting with younger children who weren’t used to their parents throwing them out into the wild shouting, “GET IN THE MUD, KIDS!” as we do. 

The mud fascinated the little ones. It was heart-warming to watch them tentatively touching the trickling mud coming down the sides. They started off slowly, sticking a finger in. A couple of them gave it a lick, then the odd flick in the direction of a sibling. And then it was full on chasing, screaming, throwing, splatting and mud covered smiles as far as you could see.  

That’s the true success of Wild Time – and of our work with our partners at the network. We can change behaviour and we can change the way kids look, act and think through nature and outdoor play.  


In partnering with Persil we hope to set off the sparks in kids whose parents can’t let them walk home from school, or who have no opportunity to walk through a cemetery, or a park. With every tiny step into the wild, we are changing things. And from those seeds of change… great Wild Time will grow!

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Natalie, our Wild Time Partnerships Lead, went to the Persil UK Wild Explorers app launch. Find out more about their #DirtIsGood campaign and get more ideas for Wild Time, too.

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