The making of the first Wild Local group.

Anna Neubert-Wood tells us how she came to launch the very first Wild Network: Local.

About five months ago I decided to do a screening of Project Wild Thing in my seaside community in Edinburgh. I was keen to spread the message of how important outside time is for the next generation, to counter-balance the indoor- screen addiction that seems to be commonplace even among 4-year-olds.

In fact, due to high demand, I organised two screenings, one afternoon screening for families, as well as an evening screening, to be followed by a discussion after the film. Luckily, I had the support of two local venues; Tribe Porty, a connectivity hub which promotes a healthy and happy community, as well as trendy cafe and meeting place The Skylark (what can go wrong with a mascot like this?!). 


To each screening I had invited one local green hero along, Stuart Whittaker, Ranger for the National Trust for Scotland and Penny Radway from the Green Team, to tell the audience about the local opportunities of how to connect with nature. And yes, we are lucky, in Edinburgh. We have the beach nearby - in fact a city beach. We have proper hills in the city, and surrounds; lots of wild green space; and miles of brilliant East Lothian coastline, inviting us to connect with our wild surrounds and soak up the seasons in all their beauty.

Our very own Porty Wild Thing, Eve Parsons, very professionally led a discussion after the evening screening, and got a passionate and fiery discussion going!

The Scottish summer came and went, a few conversations with The Wild Network Headquarters were had, and I was ready to take on the next step, and, together with those afore-mentioned passionate and fiery souls of Portobello, we took on the challenge of getting together again, and setting up a more formal group, with official members! We are proud to present to you - The Porty Wild Things. Ideas, big and small, were discussed, all age groups considered, funding opportunities discovered, needs in the community identified.

It feels brilliant, moving things on, taking initiative and making things happen!


We can make a change and we can make this place a greener, more informed, outdoors-y place!

Yes, we are lucky where we are, but you can do it, too! There is so much urban beauty everywhere - even where you are! Just make things happen. For yourself, your children, your community!

Be your very own Local Wild Thing! 

1068202653705958419_510414476.jpgAnna Neubert-Wood runs the Porty Wild Things Wild Local group. If you are local, join the Porty Wild Things Facebook group and get involved.

To find out more about starting your own Wild Local, take a look at our page here and see how to get involved.

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