Back then we started our journey to grow a networked, inter-connected and cross-functional group of people and organisations passionate about re-connecting children with nature and being outdoors.

Together, we have come a long way. We have achieved a scale that relative to our size and funding levels means we punch above our weight – precisely because we are a network. Here are some of the things we’ve achieved together:

  • There have been 150 community screenings of Project Wild Thing to about 15,000 people
  • 11,200 ‘Wild Things’ have joined our community and we’re growing fast
  • 8,700 hours of screen time have been swapped for wild time with time that, if it was all taken together, would equate to a year’s worth
  • We’ve had 9,300 downloads of the Wild Time app
  • 15,000 people follow and share our Twitter conversations
  • 15,000 highly engaged people are in our Facebook community
  • The Project Wild Thing film has been shown on network TV in 9 countries
  • We’ve prototyped real life collaborations at Camp Bestival and the Bristol Swarm ‘Live’ event
  • We have pioneered a Wild Time for Schools product in 8 schools in Bristol to help take the national curriculum outdoors
  • We’ve become a stand-alone ‘collaborative venture’ with a core team in place, a Board and a Wild Council steering group, ready to move us to the next level.

So, where next for The Wild Network?

We’ve have opened people’s hearts and minds to the issues and barriers to a free-range childhood; however we’ve only just reached the tip of the iceberg. Success means providing the inspiration, tools and support for families, schools, individuals and communities to get more Wild Time in their lives. It also means reaching beyond the 15,000 early ‘wild’ adopters, finding those harder-to-reach people.

To achieve this, our mission is to grow Wild Time in all its forms, wherever it occurs. Our aim is to re-wild childhood.

We are building new products and services that support adults to help kids lead nature-rich, free-range childhoods. We will help to build collaboration, capacity and confidence so that the outdoors is embraced for fun, play, learning, wellbeing and adventure across the UK.

A new community web platform

A new, cutting edge, community platform will transform the way you can share news, ideas and information. It will allow you to connect more easily with people and events near you. Through it, we’ll launch a series of campaigns that we hope you’ll get involved with. And, through the site, we will be developing tools so that you, your family, community and school can get more Wild Time in your lives.

How you can help?

As we move forward into our next chapter we also have to think about how we fund ourselves. Until now we’ve been very fortunate to have had funding from National Trust, RSPB and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, amongst others, and they have been a big part of getting us to this point. We also receive the funds from community screenings of the film.

As we develop we’re looking for the right funding model to support our long-term growth and financially we need to stand on our own two feet. As a network we’re looking for ways to involve you, our community, in devising the right solution.

We’ve got a little survey and we’d love it if you took the time to fill it in and share your thoughts. It takes less than 10 minutes – and we’ll be very, very grateful for your help.

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Please help us sustain the next part of our journey

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