For over twenty years, the residents of North Kelvinside in Glasgow have fought off plans to develop an area of wild space in the heart of the city.  The children have always gone out to play on North Kelvin Meadow and their parents know it's good for the whole community to keep it there.  

The area is now called 'The Children's Wood' and is used for regular community events, 'forest school' visits from many local primary schools, other outdoor events for young people and -- of course -- children's play. The Scottish launch of the film Project Wild Thing was a Children's Wood event: parents watched the film in a pop-up cinema while the kids played around and toasted marshmallows on a bonfire nearby.

And now, yet again, The Children's Wood is under threat. Property developers are set to build flats on it despite there being plenty of local housing available.  Glasgow City Council failed to consult the community adequately about this change, then overruled their objections to the planning proposal and their plans to develop the wood into an even better community resource. So yet again, the residents of North Kelvinside are preparing themselves for a long hard struggle. 

Please help them convince Glasgow City Council that urban wild space is immensely beneficial to its citizens' mental and physical health -- especially the long-term health of its youngest citizens. That they should recognise it as a jewel in Glasgow's crown, not something to be sacrificed for a quick buck.  Please visit and sign their petition.  And please pass it on!

~ Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood

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