What's happened to Wild Time?

The lack of outdoor play, learning and nature connection in childhood is a deeply held systemic problem. Over many years multiple barriers have been imposed on childhood; they are complex and inter-linked but their impact is profound.

Multiple pieces of evidence now exist that show how a life without time outdoors in nature has significant impacts on the physical and mental wellbeing of children as well as their willingness to care for and protect the environment as they grow. Read more:

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The Barriers to Wild Time                      The evidence to support Wild Time

Our role is to create the conditions to overcome these barriers and the impact they have. We work with our network to create solutions that break them down and grow Wild Time.

We have discovered 11 barriers to Wild Time, which we categorise into 4 groups:


  • Stranger danger
  • Risk-averse culture
  • Danger streets
  • Carlamity


  • Time poor parents
  • Nature Starved curriculum
  • Lack of free-range play


  • Vanishing green space
  • Play INC
  • Kidvertising


  • Rise of screen time