Help support children with learning disabilities and their families

Here at The Wild Network we believe that all children should have access to - and enjoy the benefits of - time in nature. That's why we support this amazing project and we're asking you to help us help them.

For a parent who has a child with a learning disability, daily life can be very challenging. Families can sometimes have very little sleep, due to the needs of the child throughout the night and sometimes can rarely spend time together as a whole family. When leaving the house, these families can sometimes be met with negativity and people’s judgement. Perhaps people do not understand why the child is behaving a certain way? Or they wonder why the child might look different to other children? Unfortunately, this lack of understanding can lead to judgmental behaviour which can be distressing and upsetting for the child and their family, leaving them to feel very isolated and nervous to continue to integrate with society.

The Woodland Project in East Sussex offers days out in nature for children and young people with learning disabilities, their families and siblings. Being in the woodlands allows these families to spend quality time together and relax in their natural surroundings, free of distractions or judgement, allowing them to feel like any other family.

Run by Circle of Life Rediscovery and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, the project is funded solely through donations and external funding. The project has been running for the past 3 years and has welcomed over 150 families, but the future of the project is now in jeopardy due to lack of funds.

Watch the amazing project video 


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The Woodland Project has been chosen as one of five shortlisted projects

The project is competing for the chance to win a grant of up to £50,000 from The People’s Projects, The National Lottery and Big Lottery Fund. The recipient is decided by a public vote so every vote received is vital!

Marina Robb, Director of Circle of Life Rediscovery said “The Woodland Project offers families the opportunity to leave their home without the usual distress and be in a friendly, non-judgemental group. With support they are able to have a ‘normal’ day out together, playing outside, making fires and crafts and enjoying cooking and eating together. Voting for this project will ensure we can continue to get families out into the woods. The money will also provide a woodland programme for teenagers with mental health difficulties. Your vote can make this happen, so please vote for the Woodland Project!”


Voting is OPEN and closes at noon on Monday 3 April.

You can vote once and you will need an email address to vote. To vote for The Woodland Project, please click here. You will receive an email to confirm your email address and your vote. If you do not confirm this, your vote will not count! You can view their film about the project here, which will also be broadcast on 24th March 6pm on the ITV news.

For more information about Circle of Life Rediscovery and The Woodland Project, go to   

Thank you for your support & for voting!


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