Roam free. Play wild.

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The Wild Network

We are The Wild Network. We're here to help you (and everyone) to re-wild childhood. We believe that all kids should be able to roam free, play wild & live nature-rich lives. Take a look around the site for Wild Time inspiration and ideas...

Amount of Wildtime pledged: Hundreds and hundreds of hours

The Wild Network is on a mission to re-wild childhood. To help kids roam free, play wild and live nature-rich lives. We started with an amazing film called Project Wild Thing. Take a look around the site and you'll find the trailer, as well as information about how you can show it in your community. Get involved!

Barriers to wild time:

  • Over-development and planning around places
  • Lack of unstructured play opportunities
  • Lack of environmental learning in the curriculum
  • Traffic and road safety
  • Commercialisation of play
  • Consumerism and advertising to children
  • Risk averse culture
  • Perceptions towards stranger danger
  • Rise of screen-time
  • Increasingly time-poor parents
  • Vanishing green space