In a dark alleyway in London...

You might expect to find street art (or graffiti as your gran might call it), but you probably won't expect to find street art like this. A cute curled up hedgehog, rolling along a wall, or perhaps a giant frog about to leap out at you. 

Artist Louis Masai Michel paints incredible street art to make people think about nature when they least expect it. His recent project, founded and supported by Synchronicity Earth and IUCN is intended to highlight London's rapid and accelerating biodiversity loss.

These huge and visually stunning animals, found where you least expect them - are a visual provocation of a beautiful kind. An artistic form of shock tactics with a difference, designed to tug at your heart and stir your mind into action.  

"What I'm hoping by doing that painting is that I am trying to make people become aware. I'm trying to change people's understanding. Listen: there is a crisis happening"

"Sometimes speaking or sometimes marching, your'e not going to get your point across. You're not going to reach the ears of an 18 year old living in the heart of London... but if I use spray paint then maybe they can identify with that." says Louis in the film.

Here at The Wild Network we are massive fans of Louis and his work. His work clearly inspires and is enjoyed and appreciated for many reasons. For us, the effect he clearly has is shown beautifully in this film with the positive statements of passers by.

This is Now shows the real and positive impact of taking action. Of real people taking real action to engage and reach those who wouldn't normally think twice about nature. Most importantly, trying to reach young people in new and thought-proving ways. 

Watch This is Now here 

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Easy ways to get kids talking about this

Show them this film. It's positive and has a great message. Also the art is always painted over or removed afterwards, so you don't have to have 'that' talk, either.

Creative play: For a twist on this idea, what about using playground chalks to create their own street art to create conversation?

Imaginative play: Talk about the animals. What noises might the animals in the film have made? Are there other animals that they are similar too? Role play is a great educator as well as a lot of fun!

See Louis' latest street art

If you can get to east London, Louis will be painting a mural in Bethnal Green over the next week, to highlight the plight of coral reefs. And on the 18th Sept it will be gone!

This is day 4...  Visit Rich Mix on Bethnal Green Road to see him in action!

Louis day 4 coral

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