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We saw this photo, taken by founding supporter Mike Collins on Twitter this week and we loved it. We asked Mike about it and he told us that the annual Toad Patrol has been running every year since 2002, in Charlcombe Valley, on the eastern side of Bath.

The valley is overlooked by Solsbury Hill and was once the walking ground of author Jane Austen, when she lived in Bath. The valley itself, Mike tells us, has changed very little since the days she would wander - presumably the toad migration would have been in action then, too, albeit without the need for the toad patrol, of course! 

Mike said, "I love the fact that volunteers come out in force every year to help the toads cross the road". If you fancy a visit at any time, he adds that Charlcombe is beautiful with some old fashioned meadows, which are full of lovely grasses in the summer, butterflies and filled with birdsong; and a stream in the valley, where kids love to get a good fix of wild time.

Sounds idyllic.

Mike is Head of Comms at , is the Chair of trustees at Bath City Farm and a super-fan of nature. He can be found tweeting at @MikeyC74

If you have any nature pics of animals - or the lesser spotted child in nature - do email them or Tweet them. We'd love to see them.

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