It's been a journey

It’s been 5 years since the Natural Childhood Report kickstarted this movement to get kids outdoors. We have been a stand-alone organisation for nearly 3 years and since then we have tried a range of things designed to help families, communities and schools to take action and get more Wild Time in their lives.

Over this time we have tried multiple interventions with many partners from grassroots organisations, individuals and major NGOs, some have been very successful others less so which is usually the way in any start-up finding its model.

We've done some great things

   •    Over 1 million people have watched the film Project Wild Thing

   •    Our community has pledged to swap over 1.4 million hours of screen time for Wild Time

   •    Over 125,000 people have downloaded our Wild Time/Wild Explorers app

   •    We have rewilded Camp Bestival, developed prototype interventions to promote wild time in schools and to support new parents in maternity units

   •    We have developed what we hope is a unique and fresh perspective that weaves together nature, health, play and education organisations.

   •    We are now exploring how we rewild our cities through our Wild Birmingham project and we continue to seek partners who want to explore how we tackle some of the knotty barriers, like screen time at the heart of our mission.

The heartbeat of our growth has been this unique community of 30,000 people and organisations that has grown up around us. We always believed that we had to reach out beyond the core organisations who were responsible for getting us started if we are to create mainstream awareness of an idea whose time has come.

We now recognise that we have reached that point in our growth when we need to take stock, refocus and go again with a clearer mission and point of view.

But to help us do that we’d love to hear from you so that we can best design the next phase of TWN to meet your needs.

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