Our regular contributor Jo Rawson shares her favourite activities from these fun and inspiring books by the Going Wild team - Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks.


Stick Tower Challenge 

Run Wild! Outdoor Games and Adventures (2011)

The first stick tower challenge (from Run Wild! and The Stick Book) that I organised was at a Wildlife Watch group camp a number of years back. Wildlife Watch group members from across the county came to camp at Hardwick with their families and we ran this activity as a competition one sunny evening. It was fantastic to see groups of adults and children working so well together, and being so creative and competitive to create the tallest tower they could make out of only the sticks and other simple materials we had provided such as string.

The lengths that grown adults will go to in order to win the accolade of creating the tallest structure out of sticks is fascinating, proving that you’re never too old to play! Since then I have led this activity so many times and I can vouch for the fact that it’s always the dads that take the competitive element way too seriously!


Mini Raft Challenge

The Stick Book: loads of things you can make or do with a stick (2012)

The mini-raft challenge from The Stick Book has always been lots of fun every time I’ve done it – whether at community events where we raced the rafts on a portable tray of water, or with my own kids where we sailed them in the paddling pool. It’s great to do on a real stream or pond, but can be just as much fun in any water you have access to. It’s always lots of fun and so simple to do.

In fact, ALL the activities in The Stick Book are absolutely brilliant and all the kids I’ve ever done them with have loved them, whether on a school visit, at an event or my own family.


Making Streamers for Wind Dancing (& more!)

The Wild Weather Book: loads of things to do outdoors in rain, wind and snow (2013)

The Wild Weather Book is equally packed full of wonderful, innovative and creative ideas to do in the wettest of weathers, and I can say from experience that making streamers for wind dancing is always fantastic fun! Barefoot walks, mud pies, mud painting and igloos are firm favourites from this book and I can’t wait for it to be cold enough to make ice decorations with my kids.

The clay tree faces and clay & stick creatures/men/monsters from the Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks books are also brilliant. The activity can be adapted to fit the theme of your session or event and I’ve lost count of the number of different creatures, people and faces I’ve made over the years.

Other books from the Going Wild Team

The Going Wild books are published worldwide and have been translated into many languages including German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Slovenian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian and Korean. 

Jo & Fiona believe that everyone should have opportunities to seek out wilderness whether on their doorsteps or further afield. And why not go out regularly in all weathers, all seasons, in the dark after school?  Even if you are surrounded by buildings there is a wild world to discover out there…..

Check out the full 8 Going Wild books here.

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Contributor: Jo Rawson (@Rawsonrocks)

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