Top 10 Easiest Ever Wild Time Ideas

This Friday, The Wild Network is challenging our brilliant members to #OptOutside and get some #WildTime as an antidote to the spendathon of the busy shopping day.

For younger kids quality time playing out with mums, dads and carers is always top of the list for fun, while older kids (indoors all day at school) will really benefit from wild time on the way to, or home from, school.

Here are our Top 10 super-easy Wild Time activities for the after-school Wild Time seekers. If you're feeling like you're ready for more adventure, check out our Wild Time ideas or download our Wild Time App for more inspiration.

1. The Take 10 walk home

Even just 10 minutes of fresh air can help clear little (or big!) heads. Go the long way home and walk for 10 steps, hop for 10 steps, skip for 10 then run for 10. You'll be surprised how much fun this simple game is. And little ones love to count along.

2. Listening ears

When you really listen you can hear nature all around. From the wind in the willows (or the woods), crunchy twigs underfoot, to the birds as sunset creeps closer. Robins sing all year round and often start singing before the streetlights come on, so are easy for little ones to look out for.

3. Eagle eyes

What are the tiniest bits of nature that you can find? Tiny bugs or birds? Tiny trees, or twigs? Tiny bare branches on spindly winter trees?

4. Collecting nature

Conker season may be over, but you can still find little things to collect, from twigs, to beech nuts and other little treasures. Make a nature stick or box and do some rubbings or drawings when you get home.

5. Spiderweb searching

Even the most phobic can appreciate the beauty of a spider's web. If you can, the best time to manage it is before school, when the dew is still on the spiderwebs, you can combine it with train choo-choo games with the frosty air.

6. Welly walking

Instead of 'Mind the puddle' it's 'FIND the puddle'! Get the wellies on and go searching. This one definitely works best on the way home from school - just in case! Even the hardiest of pre-teens loves a puddle. Especially when you get your wellies on and join in! "Mum, you're sooo embarrassing". Go via the park for maximum muddy puddle opportunities.

7. Torch light treat

If you have a couple of torches (or a head torch, or lights off a bike even) grab them and do a night-time nature walk. Look out for bats, hedgehogs, cats, foxes, owls or even other birds if it's not too late. 

8. The destination game

If a random walk/adventure feels a bit of a challenge too far, how about choosing a destination not too far away and heading there by foot? A friend's house for pizza, or treats makes the distance more tangible for little ones.

9. Hot chocolate

A twist on number 8, the addition of hot chocolate works for all ages! The perfect post-fresh air treat. If you are feeling like a Friday treat, a walk to a coffee shop is another good option. 

10. Challenge your friends to join you

Nothing makes fresh air more fun than friends. And why make life harder by trying to do it all alone?! Get your coat, get your friends and get outside!

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