As our network is continuously growing, we want to increase our support of the grass-roots, local efforts to get kids more wild time. We’re launching The Wild Network: Local.

Here at The Wild Network we have seen what happens when organisations from different sectors come together. We are a glorious collaboration of really big and beautifully small organisations spanning the play, health, education and nature sectors. We know that the key to getting kids outdoors, in nature, lies in some part with each of us. The magic comes from bringing everyone together and, with a little added creativity thrown, in you get a unique and powerful blend. 

Now we want to do the same thing at a local level. 

We are inspired every single day by the amazing people we hear from. Whether it’s Forest Schools, Girl Guides and Scout leaders, teachers, parents, local wildlife groups. We know that you work hard every day to change things where you are, in your own families, schools, communities and neighbourhoods.  

We believe that the solutions to getting kids outdoors are found in individual communities at a micro-level. We think that the future lies in local-scale ideas that, when stitched together, create change on a bigger scale. 

That’s why we are launching The Wild Network: Local


What is it?

The Wild Network: Local is the coming together of all kinds of different people at a local level to take on some of the issues that parents and communities face daily – the issues that are at the heart of our mission. We want to create a network of local groups in communities, not to replace those that already exist, but to create a cross-functional forum specifically looking at creating new ideas and new ways to get more #wildtime outside.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for some pioneering communities to pilot this idea with us. 

At this stage we’re looking for two things:

  1. People to express an interest. Ideally we’re looking for individuals, or existing groups, who want to pull together a group of like-minded others to form a The Wild Network:  Local collective.

  2. Organisations that could support / host The Wild Network: Local groups.WILDLOCAL_(1).jpg

What next?

If you are interested, or would like to find out more about creating one of our groups, please drop us a line on hello@thewildnetwork.com and tell us who you are, where you live and a little bit about the issues you face in the community where you live.

We’ll have an online launch webinar, which will give you a chance to ask us lots of questions, so that we can share our ideas with you and hear yours in return.  

We’ll then support you to have a kick-off meeting to form your group and devise a way of working. Once you have formed a group we will support you to develop new ways to work together and new ways to get families outdoors having #wildtime.

Getting Wilder


There will be follow-up webinars too, so we can share our experiences of what is and isn’t working and we’ll work with you to find organisations that might want to work with you, help you inspire others to get involved, find fun solutions or even identify fundraising opportunities for you.

Sound good? We can’t wait to hear from you!