A brilliant present for your child

Parents think that kids want to spend all day on their devices, losing their eyesight and being lazy. But when we talk to the kids we find out that very often the parents are busy. Very busy. And these busy parents haven't time to supervise the kids outside. We haven't time to take them on a walk, or for a bike ride, or nature spotting. So, what's a kid to do? Stay inside... play Minecraft, watch YouTube, or TV. It's easy to see how the vicious circle of device obsession happens!

Give the gift of Wild Time

Kids just want your time. (Really!). We know that what makes kids really happy is to play outside, with their parents, relatives and friends.

So if you’re looking for a gift, download our Wild Time gift voucher!

It's free, it won't clutter your house and it doesn't need batteries.

So, this Christmas, we asking mums and dads and carers to Give The Gift Of Wild Time to their children. To play outside with them, to play Pooh sticks, or dance in the rain. To go for a winter walk, or run through the mud. Closer to home - head outside and look for Robins, or other signs of nature. 

Print out the Gift of Wild Time voucher

It means you pledging Wild Time to your child to spend time playing outside together with them. mBenefits may include: independence, empathy, positive mental and physical health, creativity, happiness, curiosity and good sleep…

Download the voucher here.

Stuck for ideas?

Download our Wild Time App for easy ideas on what to do outside. Our amazing Wild Time partners also have plenty to do, so check out the Wild Time ideas and Wild events on this site.


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