After a long week of work, homework, clubs and chores you cannot wait to pull that blanket out and cosy up together to watch a good family film? The Wild Network comes to help! We've picked a few of our favourites to get you and your kids inspired to get wild over the weekend as well as to get you curious and talking about our relationship with the environment.

1. Princess Mononoke


This epic historical fantasy masterpiece from Studio Ghibli will take you to a forest of both magnificent and frightening creatures, set in Muromachi period in Japan. It's a story of human greed fuelling environmental destruction through abuse of nature's resources. The film follows the story of a wolf girl, Princess Mononoke (Japanese for spirit or monster), and a young warrior Ashitaka and their strive to protect the forest and its spirit against the industrial destruction. It's a magical and inspiring tale that shows the stark contrast between humans living in harmony with nature and the fertility, the abundance it provides, against the dark and dangerous route of control and greed. Also, the animation and soundtrack are just magical!

 2. Honey I Shrunk the Kids


This 80s classic is bound to get you all laughing. Quirky and old-school, but doesn't get old. We love it for magnifying all that life that's buzzing in our backyards and how much there is to discover if we take a closer look. It might just inspire you to step outside and discover what bugs and beattles live in your own backyard, and to think of the scale of the world from their eyes. You don't need to shrink your own kids to go on a back garden adventure, just look below the surface, check under those stones and connect with the urban wilderness that's all around! And do send us macro pictures of your #wildtime while you're at it!

3. The Jungle Book


An all-time classic. Who doesn't love a bit of Mowgli and jungle adventures? Whether you choose to watch the 1967 Disney classic or the new Hollywood adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's story, it'll fill your room with the warmth and heart of the jungle. Perhaps watching the boy live so closely with animals, away from supervision, timetables and rules, will inspire you to let go of the fear to let the kids roam free and play wild just a little bit more. whether that's in your yard or the nearest woods. If we trust them to discover the world responsibly, it will allow them grow and mature, develop independent skills and nurture their own strength.

4. Wall-E


Wall-E can make you laugh and cry in a really good way. One of the best films out there to get the family talking about the modern civilisation and its impact on our beautiful blue planet Earth. Set in the distant future, Wall-E is a great story of technology and nature, also exploring the idea of robots and their potential for emotions. It's a love story of technology and nature. And Wall-E is so easy to love, just look at those soppy eyes! This is a great film to get us all thinking about the future of our planet and what we can do about it. A lovely reminder of the importance of a nurturing the relationship between us and nature.

5. We Bought a Zoo


Heart warming and fun film about parenting, wildlife conservation and courage. And all those striking colours will sure warm you up on a late rainy evening. Definitely one to also get you thinking about wildlife conservation efforts and the role of the Zoo today in maintaining our understanding and a connection to wildlife from distant places, the work it provides in species protection and animal behaviour research. And to ask ourselves what we can do to help animals live freely in the wild, away from captivity, protect their homes and invite wildlife closer to ours. 

 For the Wild Network every day is Earth Day! So we encourage you to watch these films and take it as an opportunity to hear how your kids feel about the Earth, their own relationship with nature, to share their observations about environmental threats to the ecosystem. Ask for their own ideas on how to care and protect the natural world and perhaps make a list of all the things they can do every day to reduce the negative impact of our lifestyles. Perhaps we could all start by switching off the screens more often and getting out for some #wildtime! Even if just a little, but every day.

And we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas inspired by these films,the conversations and activities they led to! Comment below, facebook, instagram or tweet us!

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