Here it is!

We're happy to announce the birth of the 2015 Wildtime Calendar which we've developed in partnership with our friends at RSPB and National Trust.

If you are looking for wildtime inspiration for you and your kids, this is your go-to place! We've got over 11,000 Wild Things in our network so we know there is plenty of wild life and activity out there. We just don't always know where and when wild times are taking place...

'Your WILDTIME year' seeks to unite forces and map all wild events of 2015 together in one easy-to-consult calendar. Download it here

Every month we feature an event of one of our partner organisations but we encourage everyone to submit your own events to reach a wider and wilder audience!

Events can come in any colour, shape and size, just like wildness itself. The only criteria is that it has to be Wild Time... Just ask yourself, will this re-wild a child, or help parents, teachers or carers bring Wild Time to their Wild Things?

Call for organisations in the network to participate!

In order to make it work, we need your help! We're well aware that everyday something is happening on some woodland, meadow or beach somewhere in the UK...

Help us add all your events to the calendar and we will give you four seasons of Wild Time in return...

We welcome all feedback so don't hesitate to drop us a line on

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