Project Wild Thing

Project Wild Thing

We’re proud to say that over 1 million people have now seen the film which kickstarted our whole movement. The film has been shown on network TV in 11 countries and in over 750 community screenings in school halls and community centres across the world. We’re so grateful to the thousands of amazing folk who organised the screenings without whom we would never have reached so many people.

Missed it? Here's the 2 minute trailer:

So to celebrate, we’re giving away 250 FREE UK community screenings.

Taking part is simple all you need to do is find a venue to hold it and a bunch of people to show it to. We can help you share details of the screening on our social channels too. 

  • If you are in the UK simply complete this form 

  • If you are not in the UK for licensing reasons we are not able to offer you a free screening but we'd still very much like you to get involved, simply complete this form

 When you host a screening we'd love it if you could: 

1. Take the opportunity to discuss the film and how you might do more to address the issues you face in your community.

2. Feedback to us how it went, the things you learned and how we might support you.

Enlightening and entertaining. Like David Attenborough and Morgan Spurlock got drunk and had a baby…
— Hussain Currimbhoy, Sheffield Doc Fest
Our Project Wild Thing screening was a huge hit! Everyone loved the humorous aspects of the film but the question was asked, “Is it too late? - is Britain beyond hope?!”, which sparked thought and reflection. A good conversation starter and a powerfully motivating film.
— Jenny Gerrans, The Longshaw Estate