At the heart of our mission to rewild childhood is a really simple idea. We all need to get more Wild Time in our lives. Wild Time is simple, it is time spent outdoors. You can get in anywhere on any doorstep, from the middle of the city to the remotest rural countryside.



Sometimes though its hard to get enough - even though when know how good it is for us, our kids and our communities. The symptoms I think we can all recognise, too much busyness, too many screens and we get out of habit.


So to get us back into good wild habits we're launching the #wildtime challenge.



Our ask is simple. We want you to commit to spend more time every week outdoors, roaming free, playing wild.


Together as a community lets pledge to create over 1 million hours of wid time over the next year.



Get involved




I pledge to swap [insert box to enter figure x hours] of screen time for wild time. [Press enter to submit]


Total amount of weekly Wild Time pledged [add in box of total]


Total annual #wildtime pledged [add in box - weekly total x52]





In return we'll share with you some of our favourite #wildtime ideas to give you inspiration - check them out below.



We'd love you to share what you get up to with your #wildtime adventures and follow us on instagram.



If you are looking for more ideas and inspiration you can find it in the Wild Explorers app that we have created in collaboration with Persil - check it out here, download it and get outside.







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