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At the heart of our mission is a simple idea. If we are to rewild childhood we need to do more than talk about the benefits of Wild Time - we need to solve the issues that are directly stopping us from getting enough. These knotty, complex, systemic issues are going to need a commitment to experiment, innovate and create new ideas for families, communities and schools. Wild Labs is a collaboration with long-time partners in our mission, Swarm.

We're looking for brands, NGO’s, public sector, activists, foundations and funders who want to partner, fund and support the Wild Labs process.

WILD LABS is a pioneering innovation platform hatching regenerative solutions co-created by the next generation, for the next generation. It is a deeper engagement with the power to create a transformational outcomes for a range of partners.

Wild Labs connects a diverse group including children, families, community leaders, teachers, policy makers, creatives and makers. Through the Wild Labs process we find new ways of connecting, co-creating and building interventions that specifically address the complex systemic barriers. The outcomes are flexible and are lead by participants on their learning journey. Using this approach we can develop new products, propositions and ideas that support and stimulate lasting change in communities, families and schools.

Wild Labs will help you:

  • Shape the challenge through in depth exploration conducting interviews, scouting trips and strategic analysis.

  • Co-create with users, experts and makers to build prototypes based on a defined set of challenges.

  • Sense-make with the core group to assess which solutions to take forward for further development and how.

  • Hatch the prototypes by testing in the market. Further partners and funding are often sought at this stage.


How Wild Labs works:

Wild Labs mission is experimental innovation to help accelerate the shift to more free range childhoods, nature rich communities, wider ecological literacy.

Wild Labs uses an open design approach that will build new networks, create rich content and communications material for all partners throughout the process. To make it happen we bring together brilliant minds from diverse sectors including technology, business, research, health and wellbeing, design, outdoor play, nature connection, gaming, branding, storytelling, community activism together with children and families to participate in pioneering innovation programs.

The typical co-creation process would work according to these principles:

  • Firstly we develop hypotheses, innovation areas and learning criteria as inputs into the process.

  • We then gather intelligence from the whole system community, including the voices that don't usually get heard (the unusual suspects).

  • The main part of the process is a programme of co-design and prototype development using open challenge formats.

  • We then test outcomes with users, iterate and learn.

  • We'll develop the ideas and launch the product, service, intervention.

  • Finally we will undertake a process of review, iteration and learning before we consider how we might further develop and scale the idea.

A more beautiful, wild world is waiting. How would you like to be involved?