Wild Time - time spent outdoors, roaming free, playing wild is vital for children and communities.

But we know that for most of us getting enough of it is difficult. If we are going to change this we need new, smarter interventions, collaborations and ideas that show how Wild Time can be an integral part of modern life in families, schools and communities.

Here’s what we do:

  • We share the amazing work already happening across the world in communities, schools and homes. We’ll use all of the creative means we can muster to tell these big stories and exciting ideas so that we might all feel moved to copy them in our lives. Sign up to our newsletter so we can share them with you.

  • We work with our amazing network to find new solutions, collaborations and ideas that could act as that catalyst for change - we call this Wild Labs.

At the heart of our work is a really big idea, a concept vital and potentially game-changing for the way we think about childhood - we think it’s an idea whose time has come - Rewilding childhood.